Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Web 2.0 and Web 3D

Moving from Web 2.0 world to 3D environments will give us new dimension which in turn brings expectation of presence and interaction. When I browse the web I don't mind not experiencing the other browsers. Consider the situation with three dimensional environments. Empty corridors are spooky especially if you know you are hopping inside popular sites. This analogy will bring interesting problems on traffic hour when places get really crowded.

Messing around in three dimensional environments certainly gives you a lot of new things to do but the old problem of good user interfaces remain as you want to use some tool more complex than a lever. One would expect that we don’t ditch the good old solutions like Web 2.0 pages on this instance but rather wrap the old pages on surfaces. Closer look to the interface just pops it in your personal HUD as a semi transparent window.

The bloom of the 3d web is still behind a barrier. The analogy for HTML exists in VRML and X3D but the problem is that the 3D environment has brought new requirements which are not yet incorporated in the standards. For example the ongoing discussion between browser and server about avatar locations, appearances and emotes are blank points. The protocol extensions do not need nor should be complex. Players just need to agree on it and write it down.

These thoughts are comments to interesting post in Susan Wu's Blog

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